Why should you begin creating your ASOP entry soon?
Why should you begin creating your ASOP entry soon?

On the night of A Song of Praise Music Festival International: The Concert held virtually on June 6, 2021, Breakthrough and Milestones Productions International (BMPI) President and CEO Daniel Razon announced the opening of the new season of the prestigious songwriting contest, A Song of Praise (ASOP) Music Festival. 

For its new season, ASOP Music Festival aims to encourage amateur and professional songwriters across the globe to submit their entries in any language they prefer, a fulfillment of Brother Eli Soriano’s dream to open the ASOP stage even to non-Filipino songwriters.  Hence, ASOP Music Festival will now be an international songwriting competition.

Does this thrill the songwriter in you? Still hesitant or afraid this might not be the right competition for you? Consider some of the reasons below why you should begin working on your ASOP entry now:

Offer prayers to the Almighty 

There are songs for all occasions and events in everyone’s life – be they sad or joyous.  Millions of songs have also been written about a loved one, a friend, an experience, and even about nature.  There are lots of songs practically for everyone and everything else. Sadly though, there are not so many songs that are meant to praise and honor God.  

A song of praise is a way of expressing to the Almighty our gratefulness and appreciation for His love and mercy, and for all His wonderful creations.

Into poetry? Turn those lines and rhymes into lyrics and melody

Most of the beautifully written songs are like poems with melody. In ASOP history, songs with poetic lyrics effectively leave an impression on both the audience and judges. So, grab your pen now and unleash that inner poet in you to create something melodious for the Lord.

Get the world to sing your praise song

People come and go, but songs are forever. Memorable singers and composers are immortalized through the songs they have created. Don’t you want to contribute something that will inspire people from all over the globe to keep on believing in God? Isn’t it such a fulfillment if the world sings the song that you have created? 

Raise your country’s flag through songs

As ASOP goes international, you can be your country’s representative in this contest.  This is your chance to bring pride to your country and people. 

Popular artists get to sing your composition 

Grand Champion Performer of the World Jed Madela, Asia’s Soul Supreme KZ Tandingan, and R&B Prince Jay R are just some big names who gave their renditions of some of the winning entries in the previous years of ASOP Music Festival. Queen of Soul Jaya, Pinoy Pop Superstar Grand Champion Gerald Santos, and Tawag ng Tanghalan’s Sweet Songstress Gidget Dela Llana were also amazing in their performances of ASOP entries in the past. 

Who knows? Your original composition might be the next finalist, and your favorite artist might sing it for the world to hear.

Be a part of history 

ASOP is growing, and as long as God permits, Bro Daniel Razon, together with the Members Church of God International (MCGI), will continue the legacy of Brother Eli Soriano of coming up with more songs of praises to God. 

Join the ranks of previous winners and contestants who have shared how their song strengthened their faith in God and how they felt they were not competing at all. 

Support a mission to bring hope to humanity through songs 

Hope seems elusive, especially now when the world faces uncertainties – many people are losing their jobs and loved ones due to the pandemic. Songs of praises offer hope and can serve as reminders that, amidst anxiety and depression, there is a God whom we can trust.

These are only a few of the many reasons why you should now get ready with your pen and paper, and start writing down your heartfelt praises and glorification to God.  Create a masterpiece for the glory of God Almighty, our Creator!